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Maryland Online Casinos February 2024

Sadly, Maryland has no legalized online casino play. This means that there are currently no Maryland online casinos to try.

Maryland Online Casino Future

Traditionally, online casino play has become somewhat of an afterthought. States tend to focus on sports betting, both retail and mobile. However, this a little silly. Online casino revenue is enormous.

Since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was overturned in May 2018, states have been flocking to legalize sports betting.

As it stands, more than 30 states are involved in sports betting, whether retail is legal, both retail and mobile are legal, or legislation is pending/in the process.

Conversely, there are only six legal online casino states.

In February 2022 alone, Maryland’s casinos brought over $160 million in total handle.

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With this disparity study being done for mobile sports betting, there will likely be some overlap when legislation for Maryland online casinos comes along.

This could help speed the process along, but there is no existing legislation in place. However, assuming online sports betting is a success, the state will more than likely pursue online casino play when they evaluate the potential for state revenues.

TimeTable for Legalizing Online Casinos

With all of that said, what about states that have most recently legalized online casino play? What is the typical gap in time between legalizing sports betting and online casino play?

StateOnline Sports Betting LegalizationOnline Casino Legalization
PennsylvaniaOctober 2017October 2017
West VirginiaMarch 2018March 27, 2019
MichiganDecember 2019December 2019
ConnecticutMay 2021May 2021

The other two legal states, New Jersey and Delaware, have had legal online casino play since 2013. So, there’s not an apt comparison for these states as New Jersey brought online sports betting to the state in August 2018.

So, as you can see, other states usually factor both online casinos and sports betting into the same bill. West Virginia was the only state not to do so. They legalized online casino play almost exactly one year to the day.

Unfortunately, the lack of legal online casino play is the only data point we can look to for states that didn’t legalize online sports betting and online casino play in the same bill.

Will Maryland Legalize Online Casino Play?

While West Virginia has shown us that there are states which legalize both online gaming styles in separate bills, all states are different.

However, Maryland has had success in the retail space and will have a disparity study done which should help for potential online casino legislature. West Virginia is also a much smaller state, which is a factor as well.

However, despite no existing legislature, we could see online casino play become legal in Maryland between the end of 2023 and the middle of 2024. Our writers will certainly keep you in the loop!

Maryland Online Casinos

But You Could Always Take a Trip to NJ for Online Casino Play…

Yes, there are currently no Maryland online casinos to try. However, New Jersey isn’t far.

It’s a pretty easy drive! Except the whole Delaware part. Once you’re in NJ, we’d suggest you give BetMGM, Wynn NJ, & Caesars a try!

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