Enhanced Odds and Boosted Odds

How Can a Maryland Sports Bettor Find Enhanced Odds and Benefit From Them?

By now, Maryland sports bettors may be familiar with typical sportsbook odds. For example, the idea of laying -110 odds or risking $11 for every $10 they hope to win. That extra 10 percent, once known as the ‘vig,’ is now commonly known as the house edge. That’s just the way sportsbooks ensure the odds are ultimately in their favor. But the advent of legalized sports gambling has brought with it a way to level the field. This comes in the form of odds boosts or enhanced odds.

Simply stated, a Maryland sports bettor can take advantage of boosted odds on a daily basis by searching various sportsbooks.

Boosted odds promotions are especially popular on sportsbook mobile Apps. Here, sportsbooks hoping to attract more customers or see a spike in business offer boosts regularly on selected events. The odds boost can be on a money line, where the bettor simply picks a sider to win a contest, or can be in the form of a point spread or totals bet. As we’ll see, there are multiple forms these boosts can take.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common odds boosts or promotions offered for Maryland sports bettors.

Maryland Sports Betting Odds Boosts

Maryland Sports Betting Odds Boosts

Wager TypeOdds Boost
“No-Brainer”(Enhanced odds) A sportsbook offers wildly enhanced odds on a game, typically with a limited of $25 or $50 per customer. Example: this season, DraftKings added 73 additional points to the Buccaneers’ score in a game against the Cowboys.
“Jump on Board”Sportsbook offers to sweeten the odds for every 100, 500, or other predetermined number of people who take the offered bet. Example: Baltimore Ravens -3 moves one point for every 100 people who bet… so with a total of 1,000 Maryland sports bettors participating, the book moves the spread to Baltimore Ravens +7.
Star Player BoostA sportsbook offers boosted odds on a well-known player achieving a statistical milestone within a single contest. Example: a sportsbook may offer odds of +250 for LeBron James to score 30 or more points, when the ‘real’ odds are +175.
Parlay BoostA sportsbook offers an odds boost on a parlay of three or more games, typically all within a certain sport. Example: a four-team parlay that typically pays $12 for every $1 wagered now pays $18 for every $1 wagered with a 50% boost.

The ‘No-Brainer’
Enhanced Odds – Maryland Sportsbooks

Typically offered at the start of a season or event, the sportsbook offers enhanced odds that simply appear too good to be true. They’re not, though. They’re really just a way to guarantee an automatic win for a new customer. And to keep that customer coming back. So, those absurd enhanced odds you see from a sportsbook? Legit.

For example, before the opening game of the 2021 NFL season, DraftKings offered bettors a point spread of the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers +73, meaning that a whopping 73 points would be added to the Buccaneers’ score against the Dallas Cowboys. This, of course, is silly.

The bet, almost a sure winner as no NFL game has ever been decided by 73 points, was offered at even money with a $50 limit per customer. In other words, each customer risked $50 to win $50 (rather than the usual scenario of risking $55 to win $50.) Easiest win ever. Fun enhanced odds.

It probably goes without saying that the Buccaneers covered the wildly enhanced odds spread, and each customer who took advantage of the promo made $50. It’s a win-win scenario – the customers make money, and the sportsbooks hope they remain customers throughout the season.

Jump on Board! Community Betting!

This promotion is typically offered in a local area to entice new customer to sign up at a certain sportsbook.

The idea is that when a certain number of bettors place a wager, the sportsbook moves the line in the favor of the preferred team from that area. FanDuel Sportsbook made this popular through their ‘Spread the Love’ promo.

In a hypothetical NFL game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, the sportsbook might offer to move the spread one point in the Ravens’ direction for every 100 Maryland sports bettors who bet on the Ravens. A spread of Ravens -3 could quickly become Ravens +7 with just 1,000 wagers.

As you can imagine, these promotions attract quite a few wagers. Certainly, the point spreads can move into ‘no-brainer’ territory. Again, sportsbooks limit bettors to one wager per customer, and typically limit wagers to around $25 or $50.

Star Player Odds Boost

Sometimes, a Maryland sports bettor might watch a game with no particular rooting interest, but just for a favorite player.

Some sportsbooks realize this and offer daily specials on such players. For example, a Baltimore Ravens game might see odds on Lamar Jackson scoring two or more touchdowns boosted by 30-40 percent (a boost from about +140 to +200 is common.)

Some books will do the same for point totals with NBA players. Or, they may offer enhanced odds for a certain MLB player to hit a home run in a game.

Pointsbet Enhanced Odds Maryland

Parlay Boosts

Parlays already offer larger payouts, so boosts on winning parlays can make these wager even more attractive. A common promotion at BetMGM is to offer a boost of 33% or even 50% on parlay winnings.

The catch, however, is the parlay must involve three, four, or even more teams. Of course, the bettor only enjoys the enhanced payout if each bet in the parlay is a winner.

How Can Maryland Sports Bettors Take Advantage of Absurd Enhanced Odds?

Enhanced odds promotions like the ‘no-brainer’ and ‘jump on board’ are a great way for Maryland sports bettors to build a bankroll, but you don’t want to build an entire sports wagering philosophy around odds boosts. Remember, the boosted odds do nothing to increase the chances you’ll win your wager.

If you’ve got a wager or parlay in mind, however, it can pay to look at different sportsbooks. Certainly, some sportsbooks will offer superior enhanced odds and boosts for different games. Furthermore, you should look at their offerings for a given day or week to plan out your enhanced odds betting strategy.

Most sportsbooks will build advertising campaigns around their largest promotions, so chances are you’ll hear about some of the offers similar to those described in this article.

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