Maryland VIP Sports Betting

5 Maryland Sportsbooks that Offer VIP Benefits

Much like credit card rewards, VIP sportsbook programs reward big spenders with promotions and special offers that aren’t available to the casual better.

These programs vary in the benefits they offer, but are all worth taking advantage of if made available. The reason is simple – you get points every time you bet.

So, with sports betting coming to Maryland, you can be sure that sportsbooks will extend their VIP and loyalty programs to residents of the states. We have compiled a list of five sportsbooks we expect to see in MD and the programs they currently offer.

Maryland VIP Sports Betting is coming!

Maryland Sportsbooks With Amazing VIP Programs

Maryland VIP Sports Betting is soon to be in full flow online. Here are five of the best loyalty programs available to Marylanders who like a bet online:

SportsbookReward ProgramInvite Needed?
BetMGMM Life RewardsNO
Caesars SportsbookCaesars RewardsNO
BetRiversiRush RewardsNO
PointsBetPointsBet ClubsYES
Barstool SportsbookMyChoice RewardsNO

VIP and Loyalty Programs at Maryland Sports Betting Apps

VIP and loyalty programs are ways to reward high-rollers for playing; the more you bet, the more points you accumulate and the higher your status becomes.

In most cases, you can redeem your points for cash or site credits. Beyond that, sportsbooks will offer rewards like free bets, invites to special events, luxury gifts, and refunds on losses. Sportsbooks that have a brick-and-mortar casino in addition to their online presence will often allow VIP members special in-person perks.

Maryland Sportsbook VIP Programs

The types of programs vary quite a bit in regards to how they track loyalty and how they structure their tiers. In most cases, you will automatically be enrolled in a VIP/loyalty program as soon as you start betting. The sportsbook will track your wagers and then apply rewards as you rack them up.

VIP Specifics

VIP programs are a higher level of loyalty programs that are offered to the sportsbook’s biggest players. In some cases, but certainly not many, VIP status is only gained through invitation. In others, bettors are automatically granted this status when they reach a certain level of wagering.

As you can imagine, reaching VIP status requires a lot of betting and so the benefits are expansive. Furthermore, at times, the perks of being VIP even allow the bettor to have a momentarily advantage over the house. Some benefits include access to special events, free rooms/meals/entertainment at the partner casino, limo service, and access to high-end events.

Types of Reward Systems

Sportsbook VIP/royalty programs generally incorporate one of the following:

  • Crossover Loyalty Rewards
  • Points-Based Rewards
  • Online-Only Tiered

Crossover Loyalty Rewards

So, the biggest benefit of these programs is that they expand online locations and into brick-and-mortar casinos. Users are able to earn both tier points and reward points.

Points-Based Rewards

The easiest system is the points-based system. As you spend, you earn points that directly reflect the amount you wager.

Online-Only Rewards

These systems allow bettors to accumulate points that determine their ranking as they make bets online. The more points you earn, the higher your status. You can then take those points and redeem them for bonuses at the sportsbook. Bettors also gain status points tied to the VIP system. More points = more rewards.

Top 5 Maryland VIP Sports Betting Programs

BetMGM M Life Rewards

BetMGM offers a crossover loyalty program for sports bettors that will soon be available day one to MD residents. Users are automatically enrolled in the program and begin accruing points immediately. The points are known as Tier Credits (TCs).

The specifics are vague, but the website states that a $50 straight bet will earn a player 9 Tcs and a parlay bet of $25 will earn 12.5 TCs.

So, the amount of TC’s that you have determines the reward level you are on. Here are the BetMGM M Life Reward Tiers:

  • Sapphire: First level achieved with one bet
  • Pearl: 25k or more TCs
  • Gold: 75k or more TCs
  • Platinum: 200k TCs
  • Noir: Invite only

Bettors have one year to reach their goals and maintain status.

The benefits here are vast and include such perks as comped stays, priority check-ins, and other luxury services at MGM casinos (one such is located in MD).

M Life Maryland Rewards

Bettors also accumulate iReward Points (iRPs) as they bet at the same rate as TC’s. These can be redeemed for rewards at the iReward store such as cash, coupons for hotel experiences, and betting bonuses.

BetMGM Sportsbook

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Caesars Sportsbook Rewards

While we’re on the subject of great crossover loyalty programs, Caesars Rewards offers a program for bettors and customers at any Caesar property. All you have to do is opt-in online or in-app and your bets will start gathering rewards.

Like BetMGM, customers earn TCs and Rewards Credits (RCs) at the same time. Online wagers will earn 1 TC and 1 RC for every $5 in profit. The RCs can be redeemed for hotel stays, dining, and entertainment. TCs will determine your status in the VIP program and can be redeemed for dollar amounts of free play, casino offers, extra bets, and much more. The more you acquire, the higher you climb.

  • Gold: 0+ TCs
  • Platinum: 5k+ TCs
  • Diamond15k or more TCs
  • Diamond Plus: 25k TCs
  • Elite Diamond: 75k TCs
  • Seven Stars: $150k+ TCs
Caesars Sportsbook

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BetRivers Sportsbook iRush Rewards (iRR)

The online-only loyalty program at BetRivers is known as iRush Rewards (iRR). It has 11 tiers, making it one of the biggest we can expect to see when operations go live in MD. Each subsequent step unlocked in the program leads to higher rewards for participants until they max out and achieve an invite to “Elite” status.

Things get interesting once players hit tier 7 and start to unlock the VIP Calendar which grants them access to numerous promotions of high value. From there, things only get sweeter as level 10 grants bettors thank-you dinners, gifts, and exclusive promotions. Invite-only Elite status members will even receive a free Apple or Android playing device to bet on!

iRush Rewards Maryland

The system of gaining points at BetRivers is a bit different than at other sportsbooks. Bigger parlays equal more points. So, the more legs of your bet, the less money you have to spend but the more points you earn. If you want level 7, then you need 5,200 points. That translates to $31k on straight bets, $15.6K on 2-leg parlays, or $10.3k on 3-leg parlays, and so on.

Points will disappear after 30 days if you are not betting consistently. For example, if you accumulate 300 points 30 days ago, you will lose 10 points a day because 300/30=10. To maintain the balance, you need to earn at least 10 points a day.

BetRivers Sportsbook

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PointsBet Clubs

A perfect example of a points-based system, the Club at PointBet allows users to simply place wagers and earn rewards that can then be redeemed for bonuses. Much like a credit card reward system, PointsBet Reward Points are worth $0.01 and can be redeemed once 250 are earned for a total of $2.50.

  • 1 Reward Point earned per $5 in fixed-odds wagers
  • RP – 1 Reward Point per $1 in parlays
  • 1 Reward point per every dollar won or lost on PointBet’s “PointsBetting” wagers

Bettors can get cash back or money towards free bets. But it doesn’t stop there. High-rollers can become members of the Platinum or Diamond Club by invite only. You have to contact them for more information, but the perks are in line with those of their competitors.

PointsBet Sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook DEPOSIT BONUS

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Barstool Sportsbook MyChoice VIP

 Barstool Sportsbook also has a Tier Point System:

  • Straight Bets & Barstool Exclusive Bets: $10 bet = 1 TC
  • Parlay bet: $5 bet = 1 TC

Tier Levels:

  • Choice: 0+ TCs
  • Advantage: 1k TCs
  • Preferred: 18k or more TCs
  • Elite: 50k TCs
  • Owners Club: Invite only

As with the other sportsbook, the higher the tier, the better the benefits. Owners Club members will receive VIP seating for entertainment and luxury gifts.

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