Baltimore Ravens Sports Betting

Finally, You Can Bet on the Ravens and the Orioles!

News April 19, 2022

Maryland Sports Betting is coming to town. But… what are the odds you’ll win?

Maryland sports bettors have longed to hear the words “betting is legal in the state of Maryland”.

Chances are they may hear those words before the end of the year, and you can bet (pardon the expression) that casinos and mobile Apps will swing into action quickly. Maryland is offering some 60 gaming licenses throughout the state!

But, being able to bet is only half the battle. What Maryland sports bettors really want to know are their chances of winning money by betting on their local favorites, the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL and the Baltimore Orioles of MLB.

So what are your chances, Maryland sports fans? We take a look back at some recent history for an idea.

Baltimore Ravens Sports Betting

During coach John Harbaugh’s tenure, the Baltimore Ravens have become one of the NFL’s most consistent franchises. They have had playoff appearances in three of the past four seasons, missing out only in 2021.

How Are The Ravens Doing Anyways?

The Ravens’ recent history was punctuated by a Super Bowl championship in 2013. Additionally, during Lamar Jackson’s brief career with the team, the MVP quarterback has taken the team to the brink of glory on a couple of occasions. But, the Ravens have yet to reach the top with their franchise player.

Lamar Jackson

But, Wait… Can I Win Betting on the Ravens?

Let’s take a look at some recent Ravens seasons, their preseason odds to win the Super Bowl championship, and how the season ultimately turned out.

Keep in mind, odds are a reflection of what you’ll win per $100 wagered. Example: odds of +1500 mean you’ll win $1,500 for every $100 wagered. The Ravens won Super Bowl 47 in 2013, cashing in a +1600 ticket for those who’d wagered on them in the preseason.

Previous Baltimore Ravens Sports Betting Odds

YearPreseason Super Bowl OddsOutcome
2021 Ravens+1400After a strong start, the Ravens suffered a late-season collapse and ended the season with a six game losing streak. Many injuries contributed to Baltimore’s collapse, including the absence of Lamar Jackson in the final four games due to an ankle injury.
2020 Ravens+500The Ravens, coming off Lamar Jackson’s breakout season, enjoyed the second-lowest odds in the NFL behind defending champion Kansas City. Baltimore fell short, however, finishing second in the AFC North and losing in the divisional round to the Buffalo Bills.
2019 Ravens+4000A dream season for the Ravens – and those who bet them in the preseason – crashed down with a loss to Tennessee in the divisional round. But not before the team registered a 14-2 record and saw QB Lamar Jackson named Most Valuable Player of the NFL.
2018 Ravens+3000The Ravens rewarded bettors’ faith with an AFC North championship but lost to the Los Angeles Chargers in the first round of the playoffs.
2017 Ravens+5000Long odds made the Ravens an attractive preseason choice, but offensive struggles doomed the team, who ended their season with a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, leaving them short of the AFC playoffs.
2016 Ravens+3000A five-game midseason losing streak put Baltimore behind in the standings early, and the team simply ran out of time to make a comeback run to the playoffs.

But.. When Can I Bet??!

The great news is that Baltimore Ravens sports betting is expected to be fully legal by the 2022 NFL season. Whether you wish to bet online or in-person, both will most likely be permitted by September!

Baltimore Orioles Sports Betting

It’s been a while for the Orioles, as their last World Series championship came back in 1983. The last few years have been some lean ones for Baltimore’s MLB team, leading to some very long odds for potential bettors.

But, as we know, anything can happen in sports, and the diehard baseball fans of Baltimore figure to find the odds on the Orioles quite enticing.

Previous Baltimore Orioles Sports Betting Odds

YearPreseason World Series OddsOutcome
2021 Orioles+10000A season that started with promise (three straight wins over the Boston Red Sox), quickly crashed to Earth, winning only 52 games in a 162-game season.
2020 Orioles+30000The Orioles showed flashes of promise in a shortened season, but never challenged for the playoffs, finishing 25-35.
2019 Orioles+60000The Orioles faced some of the longest odds in the team’s history. It was easy to see why as they finished last in the AL East at a record of 54-108.
2018 Orioles+40000Baltimore bottomed out in 2018, finishing with 115 losses – the most in team history. This left the Orioles with nowhere to go but up.
2017 Orioles+3300The Orioles started strong and were competitive most of the season, but ultimately finished last in a very strong AL East division at a record of 75-87.

So, The O’s Are Winning It All This Year?

As of April 21, the Orioles’ odds to win the 2022 World Series are lofty at +50000. The odds have sky-rocketed since the beginning of the 2022 MLB season, when Baltimore was +15000. Nobody is expecting Baltimore Orioles World Series success any time soon.

Best Seasons in Recent History for Maryland Sports Teams

Well, the Ravens’ Super Bowl championship obviously takes the top spot.

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Win

But it wasn’t the only outstanding season in recent Baltimore sports history.

Team and YearOutcome
2012 Baltimore RavensThe Ravens surprised most NFL fans in the postseason, beating Peyton Manning’s Broncos and Tom Brady’s Patriots before claiming Super Bowl 47 over the San Francisco 49ers.
2014 Baltimore OriolesIt was a season to remember for the AL East champion Orioles. They finished with 96 victories and won a playoff series before falling to the Kansas City Royals in the American League Championship Series.
2019 Baltimore RavensThe Ravens boasted the league’s Most Valuable Player (Lamar Jackson) and Coach of the Year (John Harbaugh) as they won the AFC North at a record of 14-2. But the season ended there, as Baltimore lost their first playoff game to the Tennessee Titans.
2012 Baltimore OriolesBaltimore won 93 games, finishing 2nd in the AL East and outlasted the Texas Rangers in the wild card game. They fell to the New York Yankees in the American League Divisional Series.
2011 Baltimore RavensThe year before the Ravens would claim Super Bowl 47, they appeared well on their way to making the Big Game. Only until a late missed field goal doomed Baltimore against the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

Maryland Sports Betting, Yay!

Remember, you will be able to bet on both MLB and NFL when Maryland sports betting goes live. Both Baltimore Ravens Sports Betting and Baltimore Orioles Sports Betting will be available at all of the major sportsbooks.

Additionally, expect to see an array of enhanced odds and boosted odds promotions relating specifically to Maryland sports teams. This will make sports betting even more fun!

Not long to wait now…

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