Table Tennis Betting

Ping…Pong…Bet!: The Table Tennis Betting Craze Has Arrived in Maryland

News April 25, 2022

If you think ping pong is just a game you play in your friend’s basement, you couldn’t be more wrong. Table tennis is the latest betting craze to sweep the United States and its popularity is growing. And Maryland table tennis betting is here! You’ll love it.

Table tennis betting became widely popular in states with legal online sports betting when the rest of the sports world came to a standstill amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. It was one of only sports still being played when the rest of the industry shut down. You can see the effects of this huge jump in popularity in Colorado specifically. There, the betting volume on table tennis went from $6 million in May of 2020 up to $9 million in June of 2020. And then increased further at the start of 2021.

Maryland Table Tennis Betting

Even when mainstream and in-person sporting events began to open up again, the online betting craze on table tennis in the United States did not die down. And every day, new legislation is being passed that will bring more online betting options to states.

States are allowing more people to bet on a sport they had up until now only associated with Forrest Gump. Maryland is soon to join with lawmakers finalizing legislation in April 2021 that allows 60 online gaming options! This is nearly three times the amount of any other legal state.

Table tennis betting will indeed be in the mix.

Maryland Table Tennis Betting

Things to Know About Table Tennis Betting

If you want to bet on table tennis, it’s a good idea know about the basics of betting on it. Staying up to date can help you make educated bets that lead you to winning results. Despite the return of more sports betting options as the industry started to open up again in 2021, the betting handle for table tennis has stayed consistently high. So, it’s a great sport to get into as more online betting options become available across the United States.

So, a great place to start your learning on how to bet on table tennis online is to figure out which sportsbooks offer what. What sportsbooks offer the widest variety of betting and streaming options for table tennis? Certainly, that’s something you should investigate. Some of the best options for online ping pong wagers currently include:

  • DraftKings
  • MGM
  • Caesars
  • FanDuel

It’s smart to always use reputable and trustworthy sites. You need to be sure you are doing all your online sports betting safely. At, we ONLY list reputable and legal Maryland sportsbooks.

Maryland Table Tennis Betting – How to Bet on Ping Pong

There are an array of ways to bet on table tennis. Of course, you can simply bet on the winner of a match. However, there are other options to consider as well that might lead to a more favorable wager. Here are a few different options on how to bet on matches and tournaments in table tennis:

Over/Under Betting in Table Tennis

Most sports tend to have the option for over/under betting and table tennis is the same. You do this by betting on the total number of points in the game. Or, how many sets it will take for a winner to come out on top.

Table Tennis Tournament Futures

Futures bets tend to be a bit higher risk and harder to win but sometimes the reward is worth it. Within table tennis, for a futures bet you bet on the player who you believe will win the overall tournament. With tournament futures is it usually advised to not bet on the well-known tournament favorite. Rather, choose one or two mid-level favorites and an underdog to increase your odds on a bigger take away.

Maryland Table Tennis Betting

Ping Pong Parlay Betting

Parlay betting works the same in table tennis as in other sports. You increase the odds in your favor as you bet on two or more matches on the same bet slip. Simply pick out two or more outcomes from various matchups to create a parlay. Your potential winnings get higher as you bet on multiple outcomes.

Table Tennis Live Betting

Live betting happens while you are watching the match take place which means you need to rely on the streaming services available on the various sportsbooks that feature table tennis. This is a great way to bet if you are familiar with the rules and dynamics of table tennis enough to make an educated play. This can be an excellent way to capitalize on a comeback mid-match that many other bettors would not have been able to catch because they were not betting live!

Additionally, if you are concerned about how last minute changes might be handled on matches that you are not betting on live, here are some standard betting rules for table tennis:

  1. When a match starts but does not complete for any reason, all the bets on the outcome of the match are void.
  2. If a player is disqualified, then wagers on the outcome of the match are void.
  3. When a player gets a walkover, bets on the match are void.
  4. If any players that are named change before the match starts, then all bets are void.

Basic Rules of Table Tennis

To ensure you make the best plays possible when you are betting on table tennis, it is important you know the basic rules of the game. Being knowledgeable about the game itself can give you the best outcomes on your bets especially if you decide to give live betting a go. Here are some of the basics when it comes to rules, scoring, and games:

  • Two players, one on each side of the table
  • Each player gets two serves each, alternating
  • Each game plays to 11 points
  • If a game is tied at 10-10, a player must win by 2 points
  • Matches are determined by a best of 5 or best of 7 game system (i.e first player to win 3 or 4 games is the match winner)

Maryland’s online betting possibilities expand constantly in the coming year. You will soon be able to join the table tennis betting craze that has been sweeping the nation from the comfort of your own home. Also, John is better than Matt at table tennis. That’s a fact.

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