Maryland Sports Betting Options

What Sports Can You Bet On In Maryland

News April 25, 2022

It’s almost time for sports betting to go live in Maryland and you might be wondering what sports you’ll be able to bet on in Maryland when it does. Lucky for you, we went ahead and broke it down:

Sports You Can Bet On In Maryland:

Leagues We Expect to See in Maryland to Bet On:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • FBS (college football)
  • NBA
  • NCAA
  • NHL
  • MLS
  • UFC
  • PGA
  • USGA
  • MLG
  • English Premier Leauge Soccer
  • Rugby Union & Rugby Leauge
  • IBF, WBA, WBO, and WBC boxing
  • AMOA
  • Formula One
  • Big Bash League, ICC, Twenty20

Time will tell the exact betting markets that will be available at launch and the sports you have to choose from will depend largely on what sportsbook you use. Ultimately, the sports you can bet on in Maryland will be vast. However, some sportsbooks will have more sports and a wider range of events. You can download multiple to make sure you have access to the most options or Maryland sports to bet on.

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Win

Maryland Sports Teams Betting

As far as sports teams go, Maryland has a great selection to choose from since some leagues have two teams operating in the state due to D.C essentially being located inside of it. With 60 licenses being offered in the state, Maryland is shaping up to be one of the biggest markets for sports betting in the country.

As you can see from the list, Maryland will be one of the most lenient states in regards to what sports they will allow residents to bet on. Notably, esports and horseracing will be available for betting; two sports that have been left out of sports betting in several other states. At the time of writing, only bingo and high school-level sports have been left off of the acceptable betting list.

So.. What Can’t I Bet on In Maryland??

Yeah, there’s not much you can’t bet on. As mentioned, bingo. High-school sports. Turtle racing? Awards programs? Yeah, you’re pretty covered when it comes to sports betting in Maryland.

Maryland Sports Teams

Here is a breakdown of some of the most prominent teams in the most popular leagues:

NFL Sports Betting in Maryland

The NFL is one of those leagues with two teams that play in the state of Maryland. Both the Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Football Team (formally known as the Redskins) operate in the state, with the Ravens playing in Baltimore proper and the Washington Football Team playing in Prince George’s County. The teams are in separate NFL conferences, representing the AFC and NFC, respectively.

The Ravens are one of the top teams in the NFL and have a large fanbase in the state of Maryland. Bettors in Maryland will be overjoyed to bet on the Ravens. They most recently made it to the Super Bowl in 2013 where they were led to victory over the San Francisco 49ers. The team is currently helmed by MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson and has made it to the postseason the last three years.

The Washington Football Team has not seen a Super Bowl championship since 1991, thirty years ago. They routinely struggle to make a post-season push in a weak division.

Fans can expect to have the option to bet on both teams once betting goes live in the state.

College Football Betting in Maryland

Maryland bettors should expect to be able to bet on the two college programs active in the state of Maryland; The Navy Midshipmen and the Maryland Terrapins. The University of Maryland is part of the Big Ten Conference. The US Naval Academy belongs to the American Athletic Conference. The famous Army-Navy college football rivalry game will also draw a lot of wagering interest. Certainly, all of these teams are sure to be big markets for bettors.

MLB’s Baltimore Orioles Betting

The Baltimore Orioles play in the AL East division of the MLB. This division includes the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, making them the fourth or fifth-best team in the division for the last 20 years; though they did make it to the postseason three times between 2012 and 2016. In 2021, the team ended their season with an abysmal 52-110 record.

Maryland Sports Betting

NHL’s Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals are sure to draw lots of bettors as they are consistent contenders for the coveted Stanley Cup and have been ever since Alexander Ovechkin joined the team and will likely continue to be until his expected retirement in 2026.

While they play in D.C, bets will likely be placed on the team as they have a large fan base in the state of Maryland.

Wager on the Washington Wizards

So, another team based in Washington D.C that enjoys support from the Maryland natives is the Washington Wizards. The team made it to the playoffs last year for the first time in three seasons but is entering a rebuilding season with the trade of their star player and his short-lived successor Russel Westbrook.

NCAA Teams to Bet on in Maryland

Furthermore, the NCAA is home to one of the biggest tournaments in all sports: March Madness. The Maryland Terrapins are the representatives of the state in the competition and are sure to yield quite a few bets when the competition starts next year.

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